Our three hospital system client decided to hold an on-site employment event to help fill some of the more than 100 nursing and allied health openings. Nurses by far accounted for the majority of the hiring requirements.


Using our experience from previous events to determine effective media budget allocation, we recommended half page ads in the local major newspaper classifieds and run of paper (ROP) in the Lifestyle sections three weeks prior to the Saturday event, an ad in Nursing Spectrum Midwest’s edition, direct mail to candidate homes with follow-up calls conducted by Search Innovators to invite 1,500 nursing and allied health candidates living closest to the hospital to RSVP to attend (plus confirmation call backs), and specially requested employee referrals following a letter to employee homes signed by the President and CEO of the system, inviting employees to refer friends and acquaintances to the event for special gifts awarded upon hires.

Our creative strategy focused on the branding of “Collaborative Connections, A Day of Knowledge, Sharing and Career Empowerment.” We also emphasized the current “Sacred Covenant of Care” branding that is their philosophy of patient and employee interaction from top leadership on down. Guest speakers included their own renowned cardiac surgeon, and a nationally-recognized keynote speaker, Donna Cardillo, for Continuing Education Unit credit for nursing and allied health professionals.


Based on real-time candidate feedback on “Tell us how you learned of our event” forms, in addition to the 250+ respondees to their website who applied online but did not attend the event, over 150 nurses and allied health professionals did attend and ultimate hires numbered more than 50 following offers extended on-site and subsequent background checks.

The client was quite pleased with the quality of attendees and hires, and we were under our $50,000 budget for the entire event.