• Overview

    Harger Howe Direct offers great resources for Human Resources and hiring managers that combine the dual expertise of recruitment (and retention) communications as well as direct recruiting. Consultation on program implementation and strategic/tactical planning are provided to you free with our other recruitment communication services.
  • Candidate Sourcing

    We implement traditional direct search strategies and tactics to help you recruit interested and qualified candidates for critical and/or hard-to-fill positions at every level of the organization. Working with Human Resources and hiring managers throughout the hiring process, our recruiters network and cold call candidates, arrange interviews, provide candidate feedback, maintain ongoing communications, check references, negotiate compensation and extend offers as needed. Our fee structure, which includes a candidate replacement guarantee within the first 90 days of employment, allows you to reduce by up to 50% or more the fees for successful hires that you would typically pay for a fully contingent or retained search.
  • Mail Call

    Use the critical targeting and cost effectiveness of direct mail combined with followup cold calling to warm prospective candidates up for your higher volume recruiting. Mail Call includes all mailer creative development, printing, direct mail list obtainment, fulfillment, phone number acquisition and direct calling to hundreds or thousands of candidates within each engagement. Mail Call is ideal to help achieve multiple hires ata much less cost than direct search, and to suport your recruiters by ensuring they are talking to primarily interested candidates reached by direct mail and tele-recruiting. Successful Mail Call projects have supported career open houses, continuing education event RSVP's, and difficult to recruit professionals where advertising or direct mail alone have not produced desired results.
  • Climate Assessment

    When employee conflict or divisiveness create hostile working environments, lower productivity, and/or increase employee turnover, Harger Howe Direct can conduct confidential interviews with leadership and staff to uncover problems. We partner with Human Resources to provide confidential Climate Assessment reports that include criteria and rationale, employee feedback and recommendations, and our own recommendations to resolve issues and reduce turnover. We can conduct Climate Assessments at any location and time of day/night to ensure troubled departments and shifts are covered for HR and executive leadership action.
  • Hourly Research Support

    Our Harger Howe Direct consultants can provide recruiter support on an hourly basis to review and screen high volume resumes, provide initial screening of qualified candidates and/or arrange interviews, handle additional follow-up steps leading to successful hires, and provide other professional support during peak recruiting periods.


Our mission is to deliver a best practice approach to recruiting talent that consistently meets and exceeds client expectations. This includes practicing up-to-the-current search and screening techniques while professionally representing our client organizations. It also includes using primarily cold-calling, networking and other successful tactics to reach the passive and semi-passive candidates not actively looking for new opportunities. We believe in helping candidates understand the "stretch" inherent in the new role to make them "buyers" of the opportunity and employer, and ensuring accountability in the hiring process at every step. We also believe in supporting Human Resources in every way possible with arranging interviews, conducting reference checks, negotiating and extending offers, and ensuring successful post hire onboarding.


Our case studies are really success stories. We are more than happy to show how well our services have helped our clients achieve their goals.