Since 1983 our guiding corporate value has been to build partnerships that exceed expectations. From the largest Fortune 500 corporation to the smallest local business, your company will always be managed by a Harger Howe principal. Our trusted account team will become a true business partner, designed to reach your target audience and expand your business goals. Whether you need to fill corporate jobs or college classrooms, or simply build consumer confidence, Harger Howe can reach the right people.

Harger Howe - by the numbers

Coffee Drinkers97%
Pet Owners90%
Sports Fans85%
Problem Solvers100%

Your ROI is our bottom line.

Your marketing budget is an investment on which you expect a return. As your partner, so do we. Data drives every solution, and your ROI impacts every decision. Yet we’ll never compromise brand integrity for short-term results. In the long run, we only succeed if you do. Our business only grows if we continually add value to yours. We utilize social media and implement mobile solutions and track our results. Could that be the reason so many of our clients have stayed with us for decades, when the industry average is just 4 years?